The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien

About the Author
  • Full name: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
  • Born on January 3rd, 1892
  • Was a major scholar of the English language, especially Old and Middle English
  • Created a world of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orcs, and Hobbits and called it Middle Earth
  • Published the first book in his Trilogy in 1954
Frodo Baggins, Hobbit of the Shire
  • He is brave and caring to go on this mission to carry the ring despite the threat to his life
  • He is also strong willed to be able to not give into the ring's temptation
  • He is also calm and levelheaded and is able to think through and help himself and his friends out of dangerous situations
  • His role in the book is to deliver the One Ring without giving into its temptation of power
Samwise "Sam" Gamgee, Hobbit of the Shire
  • He is extremely loyal to his 'master', Frodo, and follows him on his journey
  • He is also caring and gains the friendship of a malnourished horse
  • He is protective of Frodo and is constantly defending him and ensuring his safety
  • His role in the book is to help Frodo along his journey and keep him safe
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn a.k.a 'Strider'
  • He is cunning and manages to hide Frodo and his company from the Black Riders on their trail
  • He is knowledgeable of the land and pathways that will lead them quietly and moderately safely to Rivendell
  • He is also trustworthy because even Gandalf the Wizard trusts him with Frodo's company
  • His role is to guide Frodo to Rivendell safely and keep out of the Black Riders clutches
Plot Summary

Set in Middle Earth, the book tells the tale of four hobbits who must make a long and dangerous journey to Rivendell in order to keep the ring in safe hands. Frodo, a hobbit from the Shire is chosen as the most pure of heart to carry the ring on this journey and avoid giving into the temptation of wearing the ring. Along the way, they run into all kinds of trouble and have to find various ways to get themselves to safety. Along with the already perilous adventure, they are being hunted by nine riders who they've dubbed, 'The Black Riders' due to their black cloaks and horses. This task becomes slightly easier when they meet a man called Strider who guides them through relatively safe paths and keeps them hidden from the Black Riders. Eventually, the company reaches Rivendell and meet Elrond, the Elf-King.

Author's Writing Style
  • I like that he pulls Old English terms into the story and he builds his characters very well.
  • I wish his books had come with a translator so I could understand the different languages
The Story
  • I love that the story has a well thought out plot and the story stays interesting without repitition
  • I wish that he peeked in on Fatty Bolger once or twice so we can see what happens to him
Literary Elements

I don't think while writing this story he had a specific message about life, human nature, society, or the like. But if I had to come up with a thematic message I'd say that he was trying to portray the importance of friendships and teamwork in order to achieve an important goal.


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