Senior pictures are such a fun way to capture what your senior year looks like. You get to dress up and have professional pictures taken. I mean, who wouldn’t want them? Seniors do them at different times all throughout the year, some being fall pictures and other in the spring. They are useful as well because people use them on graduation party invites and send them to distant family members.

mckenzie moore

So how do senior pictures work? You’re asked to pick two or three outfits that represent who you are. They can be casual with jeans and a cute top, or high fashion with a dress and heels. If you are a cheerleader or participate in a sport, the photographers make sure to incorporate that into the pictures. For hair and makeup, it’s totally up to the person. Most people go with a natural look so they can look back and see what they looked like their senior year, but it’s up to that person.

lily svoboda

Clare Euteneuer says she had a lot of fun doing her pictures. Hers were taken downtown in the fall which created the perfect autumn morning feel. She looks back on them now and can’t believe that senior year went by so fast.

allison gurnon and kelli villalva

Senior pictures have been going on since the 1880’s! It’s definitely changed a lot from how they used to do it. They would take headshot pictures of students and since it was the norm to not smile, they didn’t. By the 1980’s, they started making them more personal and fun (thank goodness).

erin schartz

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