Poverty In Sierra Leone A Real Problem

Table of contents

Poem 1- Risk

Poem 2- Broken Home

Poem 3- Unknown

Poem 4- Help

Poem 5- Child Soldier

A poor class home that a family of 12 lives in.


Can you imagine living with nothing to eat? No one that can help you? No bed to lay in? Well, that is how 60% of the people in Sierra Leone have to live everyday. Poverty is a serious thing, it can change a whole person's perspective on life itself. The book, A Long Way Gone,written by Ishmael Beah, shows how Ishmael’s life through poverty and homelessness made him become something he never thought he could be. More than 60% of Sierra Leone's population presently lives in poverty. The literacy rate is only 41%, and 70% of young people in Sierra Leone are unemployed as a result. As one of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone is ranked 180 out 187 on the U.N’s Human Development chart. The poor nation also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, with over 71 deaths per 1,000 live births. This is a real problem.

The purpose of my magazine is to show how life in Sierra Leone would be different if poverty was not part of their daily equation. For my artistic product, I will be writing five poems with ten lines in each. They will represent poverty and how to overcome it. People can help this major problem by sending food over there. The U.S can help this problem a lot, and they need to. Innocent children are dying because they need food. Families are broke because there are not enough jobs. This is a huge problem that needs fixed.

Where kids bathe to stay clean as possible at.


To people i'm nothing

treated as none

my life needs to change

it feels like I don't have one

my people need help

so do I

everydays a struggle

each could be my last

I sit here in hunger

I sit in distress

A innocent child sick due to having to live outside, and eating week old food.


Nobody cares

Why should I

I never eat

Im always cold

I dont sleep

I have to rob

I have to kill

I have to betray

All for one meal

Will somebody help?

A Group Of Poor Men waiting to work.


My country's at risk

We are so broke

We have no money

Not even fresh cloths

I don't know what to do

Most don't become old

My people need food

In the U.S you complain

How could you be so cruel

Where are your hearts?

A young child soldier.

Child Soldier

I have no family

No one to care about

I kill for a living

Not by choice

But for my life

Each day's a risk

But I have to survive

So at the end of the day

Its my life vs yours

What should I do?

Where families live.

Broken Home

My family is broke

Not a penny to our name

My brother was took

He's a soldier now

He has a name

Oh I miss him so much

My dad was murdered

My mom is not the same

I wish things would change

Broken Home.

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