My Pewter Casting Charlie davies

My pewter casting is a very basic shape but I think that the product is quite good for me.

EBI: My pewter is a very basic shape and I think that I could've done and thought of a better design because this is very basic.Also my pewter is not finished. You can tell this because it has a few scratches on and I did not get through all of the sanding stages and I didn't get on to the polishing.

WWW:I have got to the 400 sand paper stage. Also the pewter feels very smooth and I have removed a lot of the scratches so it is getting towards looking clear.


Firstly we thought of 4 designs to choose from.Then we chose the design and then sir cut the wood template and filled it with pewter. After that we cut the sprew off and then started to sand with the 240 sand paper. After it got smoother we moved to 400 and then 1000. After this we went on the polish machine and then polished it.


I think that my design was smooth but bad at the same time. This is because I went back to 240 sand paper in the last lesson and then it got a lot of scratches on. Also I don't like it because the shape was very basic because it was just a simple square. Also I don't think it is suitable to take home and be a Christmas gift.

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