Instruction Part II DIfferentiating instruction & assessment

Learning Goal: We are learning to differentiate instruction and assessment

Learning Goal: We are reflecting on an inquiry model of learning

Success Criteria: I will look for critical thinking and reflection, demonstrated through conversations, products and posts

Complete the K and W parts of a KWL chart on your own. The topic is differentiated instruction and assessment.

Two lenses to consider as we explore differentiation:

  1. when you are doing the Rube Goldberg activity, in what ways might you differentiate this for your own class?
  2. when you are learning more about differentiation, how might it apply when you are doing your learning centres project?

Energy (and transformations) and Simple Machines

Create a Rube Goldberg machine with as many forms of energy as possible and as many simple machines as possible. Name them all! You have 30 minutes then a Gallery Walk.

Consider opportunities to differentiate instruction and assessment in the Rube Goldberg activity. Discuss in your group, then add to your L in you KWL chart

Are computers hands-on?

You will have time to work on your Learning Centres. Go through the DI slide, discuss, collaborate, and decide upon how you will differentiate one of your LCs. Post your understanding in the Google Doc so that we can give feedback and use each other's good ideas.

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