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Location Details

Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean Sea. The capital for Puerto Rico is San Juan, it is the largest city in Puerto Rico. The population is 3,818,610 people. Also, it has many historical sites to visit.

This shows where Puerto Rico is, south of it is the Caribbean Sea and north of it is the Atlantic Ocean.


Puerto Rico has a tropical climate, the temperatures range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Also, in the summer it is hot and humid with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Most of the rainfall is from the tropical cyclones, but most of the rainfall varies across the island. Hurricanes usually occur in the fall. In Winter it feels warm and humid, the high temperatures reach to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. March is the driest month on them all.

Things To Do

In Puerto Rico you can go on multiple adventures. If you want to do something by the ocean you can swim, surf, and go on a day or night cruise. If you wanted to be in the the outdoors such as forest, woods, or even by the mountains, you could go zip lining or hike up mountains. Furthermore, you could visit the exciting historical sites.

This is the city, San Juan.

Recent News Happenings

Puerto Rico is in a debt crisis. They are 70 million dollars in debt. Barack Obama told Congress to put a solution to their debt.

This is the Puerto Rico flag.


Puerto Rico was found by Christopher Columbus in 1493. When Columbus arrived to Puerto Rico during his voyage, the island had settlers called the Taino Tribe. One time Puerto Rico was a colony owned by Spain, but now owned by the United States. In 1797, the English attacked San Juan. In 1952, Puerto Rico took its constitution and became a state.

This picture shows where the English attacked San Juan.


The most commonly used language is Spanish. Fiesta De La Calle San Sebastian is like Christmas, but it starts on November 23 through the end of January. They also celebrate Epiphany, which is when children visit their relatives to get gifts left by the Three Wise Men. Another day they celebrate is the Night of Saint John, where crowds of people travel to the beaches around the island to jump backwards into the sea seven times.

The first image is of the Fiesta De La Calle San Sebastian, the second picture is of Epiphany, and the last and final picture is of the Night of Saint John.


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