In Defense of Donna Osborn By: Kym wardlaw, Fatima Jean-Philippe, Hannah koerts, Kira Phillips


Donna Osborn the defendant who had killed her husband due to a clear underlying reason which is abuse; And what the facts that even lead her to do what she did is being ignored. A witness Chris Powell for example, who is a member of the Monroe police department who has gone out to the Osborn home on several accounts responding to "family squabble" and on the night of the murder.

Chris Powell: "I found Mrs. Osborn sitting in her son’s room with a pistol on the table next to her."

Forgotten facts after the incident

  • Powell stated on the first encounter on February 7, 1991 that "living room was in somewhat a disorder, a glass table and the bottom of the steps were completely demolished. and Mr. Osborn seemed upset himself"
  • 8 days after Officer Powell was arrived at the home after responding to a dispatch call saying there has been a shooting at the Osborn home home. When he arrived he says the house was in complete Powell says Mrs.Osborn cooperated and "Made no threatening movements... and she calmly offered me the pistol" and that he was "He's in the garage dead and he was going to kill [Donna Osborn and Chip]".
  • The notes and reports that were made from the night of the murder were lost due to a fire what needs to be remembered is that he is an officer of the law; sworn under oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth which makes him a trustworthy source with the evidence presented.


It's no secret that the defendant had been under constant abuse. The abuse went ignored by several if not all of the witnesses here today. Though being verbally abuse can be viewed as he said she said There was crystal clear evidence of our client being physically abused from multiple witnesses. All of which did nothing to help our client but instead allowed Mr.Osborn to manipulate them into leaving Mrs.Osborn Under r the care of Mr.Clinton. We have heard from the Osborn’s family doctor of forty years since Clinton was a child, Leslie Crown. Dr.Crown testified to seeing Mrs.Osborn with all types of injuries all of which pointed to physical abuse of some type, but due to Clinton's controlling nature Donna was forced to make ridiculous excuses as to how she attained her injuries such as from baseball games and falling with the thanksgiving turkey. Instead of having doctor patient confidentiality, and helping Donna privately, Dr.Crown stated that “[she] placed 18 statutes across [Mrs.Osborn's] forehead and prescribed codeine” (Pappas). Dr.Crown left no room to let Donna explain herself due to her always confusing in Mr.Osborn instead and asking him questions about their marriage where it should've concerned Donna. For example, Dr.Crown has stated that Mr.Osborn did in fact tell her that him and Donna argued but it was due to Donna’s ‘“ poor mothering and housekeeping skills”’(Pappas). As a medical professional Dr.Crown should have tried to help Donna, and tried to establish more of a friendship to get her the help she needed. The court has also heard from Officer Chris Powell, a Monroe County Sheriff. Officer Powell has shared his viewpoints with the court today, on how he did in fact witness some injuries on the defendant, and was called to the house multiple times for some domestic squabble. If we go back to his testimony he has stated that on one occasion when he arrived at the Osborn residence that the place was “completely demolished and glass shards were everywhere”(Pappas). Now Powell had every opportunity to help the defendant but instead shrugged it off and listened to the exude Clinton had fed him. Officer Chris Powell left our client there to fend for herself with Clinton. Both of these witnesses here today were faced with clear cut evidence that our client was being abused by her husband and none reached out to help. Instead they insisted that everything was under control and listened to the aggressor instead.


The prosecution has heard many testimonies today. All of which paints our client to be a defenseless trapped wife; constantly receiving verbal as well as physical abuse by the late Clinton Osborn. Mr.Osborn was a controlling monster who took out his work frustrations and the pressure of being successful like his father out on his wife. Refusing her to have any relations other than himself and his mother. The court has heard from Donna’s only friend and coworker, Mr.jack Mathews. Mathews testified that Donna confided in him about,“‘feeling [isolated] at home”’(Pappas). As well recounting a moment later when he called to check up on Mrs.Osborn and Mr.Osborn can be heard belittling the defendant as well as slapping her. Out of fear for Mrs.Osborn the witnessed called the police who arrived and found Mrs.Osborn hurt. Clearly a victim of abuse by her late husband. So, when her and her sweet boy’s,Chip, life was in danger, she had to take up the only chance of freedom for her and sons survival. Now, in the process did she take a man's life? Yes, but better him than her child growing up motherless with an aggressive father that would've most likely shifted his anger out onto him. Clearly not an environment for a child to grow up in considering young Chip already started having aggressive signs such as beating on his teddy bear and calling it a “bitch” (Pappas). Picture yourself as a mother and walking in on your impressionable child saying these obscene things and reciprocating what he's viewed from his father. Thinking it is alright to beat on defenseless people. We can't take away his sweet mother from teaching him what's right from wrong by sending her to jail for a crime that was committed out self defense for his safety. She needs to be around for her son while he grows up so she can influence his life for the good and not leave behind the aggressive affects Mr.Osborn had left behind.

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