Amazing lions By dana ostmeier

Roar, Prides, Teamwork, mane, and hunting, these are all lion related words!

This is a male lion with a mane


Lion’s used to live all around the world, but in some countries they got killed for their body parts, like: medicine, fur to make shoes, bags, blankets, and carpets. Now they only live in Africa, and a little in western India. Lion’s live on a Savanna. The weather is mostly HOT. That is way lion’s stay close to watering holes to drink. savanna's have trees for lions and other animals too, they need trees to rest in daytime, and at night. lion’s mostly stay in one savanna, they only move to a different savanna if their is now more food. Lions live together called prides or territories.


Lion’s eat lots of different things, they are yummy for the lion’s.The females do most of the job. Lion’s rest at day and hunt at night, because they can see better in the dark. They do hunt at daytime, but then only when they are hungry. Lion’s can camouflage in the dry grass. Lion’s use their claws and teeth to attack. When they are close enough they start to run at the animal and attack it by biting its throat. Lion’s do not eat every day like we do, they eat every 3-4 days in a row. Lions eat zebras, antelopes, and buffaloes. Lion’s use teamwork sometimes. Also male lions eat first and cubs eat last.

Lions killing for food


Lion’s are the only big cats that do not like to live alone, they live together called prides or territories. Most females are in 1 pride. When their is a male lion, their will usually be 2 and they protect the territories.Did you know that some researchers say that their can be a different amount of lions in 1 pride? But the biggest amount is 15-20 lions in 1 pride. When a cubs mom is hunting another female lion who does not have her own cubs will pertect for that cub whose mom is gone. When a cub is born it stays for 2-4 years in its territory. Male lion’s protect the cubs because Cheetahs, Leopards, Jaguars, and Hichinas eat the lion cubs. Lion’s keep each other safe if the other one is hurt and they are in a fight. The only time females leave their territory is when they go hunting otherwise they do not leave the territory.

Lions live together


Did you know how you can tell the difference between a male lion and a female lion? Well only males grow a mane around their neck. And also the mane mack male lions look stronger and bigger. If you see a lion hunting without the mane around the lion’s neck it is a female lion. Their fur is yellow-brownish that blends in with the dry grass to camouflage. When a predator comes to eat the cubs the males have powerful muscle and their mane protects them, and their roar is so loud it is like when thunder stricks and the roar is 8 kilometers. When females hunt their tail keeps them in balance and not only for hunting, it helps keep their balance when walking and running. Lions have sharp claws and teeth for hunting and killing prey. Lions can weigh 260 - 420 kg. They can be 4.5 to 6.5 feet long. Did you know there are 10 different types of lions? They are part of the big cat family. Females do not get manes.They do not protect territory because they have to hunt. Males protect the territory. Females mostly do the hunting.

Female lion on the left and male on the right

so if you ever get a chance to meet a lion then you now know everything about lions.


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