Fr Francium

Atomic number=87




Atomic Mass= 223

Francium is a solid

It is metallic

Discovered in

Who discovered Francium?

Marguerite Perey

How is it used?

Chemical properties

  1. It is reactive to water
  2. In general it is radioactive
  3. Greatest reactive element that is in the metallic group
Francium explosion

Unusual facts

  • From what scientists know, Francium's reaction when put in water should be greater than all the other alkali metals
  • can emit an alpha-particle (a helium nucleus) to form astatine-219 or a beta-particle to form radium-223. (A beta-particle is an electron which is emitted from a nucleus when a neutron converts to a proton.)
  • You cannot find francium in the nature. This alkali metal is very reactive. It can serve as a good conductor for the electricity and heat.


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