Heracles is manly known for his amazing strength he was deemed the strongest man alive. He was also known for his confidence and courage. At one point Hercules was thought to be crazy and unpredictable because he was driven mad by Hera the wife of the Greek god Zeus. his courage and confidence goes with the fact that he has incredible strenth


only magic could defeat him and that is what ended his mortal life. Heracles was raised a human. he was extremely confident but was easily angered and his outburst usually hurt innocent civilians. his anger was as equal to his hunger for food, wine and women.


Hercules themes were Strength and Skill. If there's one theme that keeps popping up throughout Heracles' life, it's "Strength and Skill.", Violence. In Pretty much every story of Heracles has the same ending:Death and immortality, Jealousy and Marriage.

discussion statment

if you are over overconfident you can hurt a lot of people without thinking about it.

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