Nutrition an acrostic poem

Nuts - a yummy snack packed with protein and healthy fats

Using your brain takes energy from the food that you eat

Tangerines are cousins to oranges and are filled with Vitamin C

Rice is an important member of the gain family. I eat it with every meal!

Ice cream is a sometimes food; that fills you up with added sugars and fats, so you don't have room for better foods

Turkey is a great example of a lean protein. You might eat it in sandwiches or at Thanksgiving

Iceburg lettuce is easy to grow at home, so you can eat more of it!

Oatmeal is a type of grain! You can put all kinds of toppings, like fruits and nuts, to spice up your breakfast.

Nectarines have tons of fiber to fuel your body to exercise


Created with images by Alexandr Podvalny - "Various vegetables in Srilanka" • Peter Feghali - "Nuts" • Susan Yin - "untitled image" • Erol Ahmed - "During autumn, the citruses become ripe and begin to fall from the trees. I climbed on a roof nearby to collect a few sacks full of mandarins. We shared the harvest with out neighbors and friends." • Mgg Vitchakorn - "foods on the table" • Emile Mbunzama - "untitled image" • Alison Marras - "Thanksgiving Oven Roasted Turkey" • Jef Wright - "Ice Queen" • K8 - "A bowl of cacao oatmeal with berries and nuts." • LUM3N - "untitled image"