A pocket full of raffle tickets Photos frOm a political campaign

@the Liskeard protest against Sheryll Murray MP and her filibustering to stop a bill to help disabled people that she didn't like
Out in Richmond Park for the by-election with Adam and Matt
Breakfast in Richmond before we set off canvassing on a Sunday morning, not something I would do at home but seems okay here
Helping my friends in Central Devon with a by-election, I had a great time being the PPC there in times past , I learnt a lot about what you needed to do to have a serious shot at becoming a MP now with my heart firmly placed in South East Cornwall it's still good to go back and lend a hand
On days like these it's good to be here
Even though the next elections are months away it is still good to get out and knock on doors and speak to real people about their worries and views today it's saltash, but could be anywhere in SE Cornwall
Team Cornwall. Me and our Cornwall Councillors doing the photo for future leaflets
Us protesting against having a parliamentary seat across the Devon / Cornwall boarder
Matt and I pouring over the returned Surveys in the office
Out with Charlie, campaigning in Menheniot
Door knocking is the best way to pick up local issues, this is Charlie looking at a wall no one seems to want to sort out
And then there is lunch at a local cafe after a morning canvassing
The SEC team at the Witney by- election
My sons very first telephone canvassing
Running the Lib Dem stall in Callington lots and lots of talking done
Mostly I get on well with political activists from other parties here I'm with Andrew Long from MK, pretending to be a supporter of mine posing for a photo opportunity!
Cllr Mike George and me at our stall outside our office in Liskeard
Matt and I canvassing in one of the countless small villages in SE Cornwall
Brighton conference 2015
Conference with my son
Today audience
Lembit Opik posing for a photo , he was famous once you know !
Me Speaking at a fringe
Conference speech
Fundraising is an integral part of being a PPC (Prospective Parlimentary Candidate) today it's a Cornish cream tea ( done the right way of course) and a raffle !
I love village fate's meeting people, buying cake
.... and preserves
Fund raising, Charlie and wine tasting not a bad way to spend you birthday weekend
Liskeard show, campaigning in the country, such a great way to meet people who make their living in the countryside
The ill fated in Europe campaign, will the U.K. Ever be the same again?
What you do the day after losing a by- election by just 60 votes
By Election Day is always busy
Canvassing in taphouse
Team photo before the canvassing
Poster day in the campaign
Yes I know this looks like a photo opportunity, and it kinder of is ....... we bumped into a village group cleaning up the village and decided to join in before we knocked on doors , quite fun actually and good to be part of the village life
Sunday training before the euro campaign
New year protest against dumping in Whitsand bay something myself and a small group of fellow campaigners are very keen to stop
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