Professor Interview Learning outcome five

Below is a list of questions that I asked during my interview with my English Instructor, Ms. Diane Quaglia Beltran. Her answers are also listed below, in blue.


I chose to interview Ms. Q because she is an inspiration to me. Ms. Q does not care about how many assignments are assigned or if they are in by the exact deadline, but instead cares about the effort that a student puts into assignments and how much a student is actually learning. She is teaching us because she wants us to learn and experience new things, not just to earn tenure. Her answers were very surprising, I did not believe that she did not originally want to become an English teacher because she is so great at it and seems to get such joy from it. From my interview with Ms. Q, I learned that college is extremely important because it is an opportunity to learn and broaden many aspects life but that you still need to be sure that you are happy, relaxed, and enjoying these four years of your life. More students should go out into their campuses and take part in as many opportunities as possible and take advantage of everything their school has to offer. She told me a simple fact which put a nice perspective in my head,

‘You are now in a minority of the world’s population by being in school.’

Through Ms. Q, I have learned that some professors actually do care about students and students actually learning rather than research and obtaining tenure. It has given me a new perspective which allows me to see which professors truly care about me and other students which allows me to develop a relationship with those professors.


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