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The Passive Income Program is exactly what is sounds like. We offer agents a chance to refer fellow REALTORS to our brokerage, and make passive income. With Follow Me Realty's structure, you can refer agents consistently and easily.

We offer licensed real estate agents an opportunity to get paid by referring fellow REALTORS to our brokerage. With Follow Me Realty's subscription brokerage, you can refer agents consistently and easily. Bring on new agents, and make monthly income. It's that easy

How it Works

For each agent you refer to Follow Me Realty, you will reap the benefits of each referred agent's subscription (or closing for $99 referred agents). No minimum agent quota, no earning cap, no kidding.

Option 1: Refer a $399 agent: earn $200 with every referral, every month (not including monthly merchant fees).

Option 2: Refer a $99 agent: earn $200 per closing for every closing your referred agent has. It's that simple.

Follow Me Realty is easy to promote because we are everywhere. From LinkedIn & Zillow, Twitter & Instagram, to YouTube and Soundcloud, Follow Me Realty reaches a massive audience through social media.

Yes, you can still sell homes and make passive income with our brokerage. Yes, you earn 100% of the commission you keep. What's best, there is no cap to how much money you can make with us. Follow Me Realty agents have a phenomenal opportunity to earn money just by referring other agents to our brokerage. With this plan, you don't even need to sell homes.

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