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An Entrepreneur's Dream

Follow Me Realty is a digital based real estate brokerage designed exclusively for the entrepreneur of today. From following the highly successful and studying their habits, we offer what no other real estate brokerage will: the proper mindset to succeed in the Florida real estate industry at $399 a month, $0 transaction fees.

100% commission. 100% paperless. 100% motivation


Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower entrepreneurs to succeed. From social media branding and automation to mindset training, we cover it all. You won't find this quality of entrepreneurship education anywhere else. Our brokerage is easy to promote because it is 100% online. Follow Me Realty endeavors to reach a massive audience through social media. That's where YOU come in.

Passive Income Opportunity

We Want You.

We are looking for a licensed real estate agents to refer fellow REALTORS for our brokerage. This position offers monthly passive income that can supplement your income In between closings. With Follow Me Realty's structure, you can refer agents consistently and easily.

How it Works

For each agent you refer to Follow Me Realty, you will receive $200 per agent, per month, every month. Any agent of Follow Me Realty can participate in our passive income program, no minimum agent quota, no earning cap, no kidding.

The easiest money you'll ever earn.

Yes, you can still sell homes and make passive income with our brokerage. Yes, you earn 100% of the commission you keep. What's best, there is no cap to how much money you can make with us.

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