Lewis Hine

Lewis Wickes Hine was born on September 26th , 1874. Hine died on the day of November 3rd, 1940. Lewis Hine died at the age of 66.

Hine captured photos of immigrants in New York. Also a lot of his work dealt with child labor and slaves. He became the main photographer for the National Child Labor Committee.

Hine did not really have a technique for his photos, but he did take dangerous photos to make the photos more interesting. He would stand on tall buildings and shoot photos.

Lewis Hine worked for the National Child Labor Committee and the Russel Sage Foundation.

Hine used a 5x7 view camera. The lens he used were rapid lectilinear lens.

Lewis Hine usually works i the day time due to the dangerous conditions and places he worked in/ around.

Lewis Hine photographed child labor because he grew up in labor and he wanted to show people what the kids have to go through.

Hine was threatened by police many times for taking photos of the immigrants. The police threatened to kill him.

I like how Lewis Hine took photos of the rough living conditions of immigrants and child labor men. I chose him because i wanted to see the photos of the child labor to let me realize how lucky i am.


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