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Rainbow Wings


This painting was to inspire a deepening trust in the unfolding of a Divine Plan. That we all have our part to fulfil once we have aligned to the galactic centre, which is every where at once and can only be touched as we can become empty and open the Presence of the ONE.

W: 48 Inches | H: 36 Inches

Now £500 (Was £1000)

W: 60 Inches | H: 36 Inches

Now £650 (Was £1300)

Condor Eagle Woman


A precious prophecy is unfolding in this time - that people from all nations all beliefs and creeds will gather and pray at the same altar. All paths woven together to weave us back to the centre,. to find our alignment to the Source of all creation so that we can better serve and know our selves as one human family.

W: 48 Inches | H: 32 Inches

Now £375 (Was £750)

W: 24 Inches | H: 16 Inches

Now £150 (Was 295)

Karmic Clearing Solar Reality


Originally painted during a vision quest in 2007, working with a plant teacher, sobbing and realising that the core of my own inner pain and suffering was the realisation of all decisions I had made throughout all of my lives that were not in alignment with the source of existence the Central Spiritual Sun. This painting depicts the mother in her solitude in her pregnancy, dissolved in the waters as she feels how Karma is created in matter.

W: 30 Inches | H: 40 Inches

Now £375 (Was £750)

Solar Alignment


Holy Father Sun, I give thanks for your penetrating force of Love, Trust, Justice and Peac .... I trust in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. I give thanks that LIGHT, LOVE AND WISDOM NOW RESTORES THE BALANCE ON PLANET EARTH AND SO IT IS ...

W: 30 Inches | H: 41 Inches

Now £400 (Was £800)

Jewelled Jurema


Inspired by a vision from Jurema, a profound presence received around the Venus Transit 2012.

W: 30 Inches | H: 48 Inches

Now £500 (Was £1000)

Ayahuasca Visions


Giving the deepest thanks to the Sacred Plant teachers and the incredible fast track healing that is happening all over the planet as the Incoming 7th Ray of Cosmic order and ceremonial White Magic kicks in, weaving us back into alignment and harmony with nature.

W: 25 Inches | H: 21 Inches

Now £187 (Was £375)

W: 40 Inches | H: 32 Inches

Now £400 (Was £800)

Lakshmi’s Lotus


This most beautiful Goddess Lakshmi, teaches us how having accessed the very core of our BEING and having touched upon the OPULENCE OF THE ABSOLUTE, we then have no where else to go apart from "becoming an absolute outpouring of generosity every day into eternity." If there is any aspect of your life that is feeling in lack, then do invoke Laxshmi to guide you and help you to open to the union of spirit into matter - to align consciously to the PHI ratio radiated outwardly in this depiction of LAXSHMI

W: 28 Inches | H: 21 Inches

Now £200 (Was £400)

W: 44 Inches | H: 33 Inches

Now £500 (Was £1000)

Yellow Tara


The Six Armed benevolent Yellow Tara Tibetan Deity of Abundance, teaching us to understand the nature of Generosity. The 3 Jewels and how to harvest through purity of attitude. Her mantra is OM TARA TUTTARE PUSHTIM KURU HUNG.

W: 18 Inches | H: 24 Inches

Now £125 (Was £250)

W: 36 Inches | H: 48 Inches

Now £500 (Was £1000)

Jai Saraswati Ma


Tibetan and Hindu Goddess and patron of both study and the Arts.

Goddess Saraswati, consort of Lord Brahma, considered to be the mother of the Vedas. Sara means “to FLOW and Wati means A WOMAN. One invokes the grace of Saraswati to learn to become accomplished in one’s art and for help and focus to study. Through her purity and attainments we can learn about flow and grace. Balancing left and right brain hemi­spheres. Bringing forth integration and wholeness.

W: 30 Inches | H: 24 Inches

Now £198 (Was £395)

W: 40 Inches | H: 48 Inches

Now £625 (Was £1250)

Tantric Union on Sirius


Liquid light of bliss pours through this BEING as we unify our “Behold I am melted, dissolved into space. Heart as open as the sky consciousness a gateway opens”

W: 24 Inches | H: 18 Inches

Now £185 (Was £370)

Tantric Blue Sky Dancer

“In the wholly nectar of becoming, stilling my self I am melted into BEING. Surrendering, empty & spacious. Arisen from the emotional treadmill I dance free.”


W: 21 Inches | H: 32 Inches

Now £150 (Was £300)

W: 28 Inches | H: 40 Inches

Now £250 (Was £500)

Transmuting The Fires

Original Painting on Silk


If all of humanity took the initiation of RIGHT RELATIONSHIP there would be no more rapes and no more children being molested - however suppressing our sacred sexual life force energy is not the way either. This painting depicts the opening of the Yoni Lotus to find the hidden nectar and elixir and to offer this light to Highest of High and the Holy’s of Holy’s in order for Shakti to flow to Shiva and to bare witness to this sacred alchemy from within.

W: 24 Inches | H: 24 Inches - Now £1000 (Was £2000)

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