Winter Wishes Welcomes Students into Winter Break Christian Schwindt

On a dark and rainy day Wednesday night, North Creek High School’s ASB arranged a Winter Wishes Drive-Thru for students and families to stop by and donate food to the local food bank. From 6-8 p.m. on December 16th, students zig-zagged through the student parking lot, passing 13 tents, ranging from hot cocoa pick-up, food donation drop-off, winter wishes pick-up, and even decorated cars and tents.

Staff was impressed at the overall turnout. “It was beyond what I expected, I didn’t even know what to expect but this is wonderful,” said ASB Director Nadia Bosch. Bosch was also pleased with the staff turnout at the event. “We have tons of staff that turned out too which is awesome,” said Bosch.

Science Teacher Shannon Hornoiu greets a student at Winter Wishes. At the event, students had the opportunity to see their teachers in-person.

Despite the staff turnout, students were absent from actually working and helping out. “The big challenge is that students can’t be involved in any of the setup, all of the stuff that you see they made at home like gift bags,” said Bosch. “They have such a limited ability for the students to be involved physically, and that is a major challenge. I have to rely on staff to be eager to come and help and support and so that’s the biggest challenge just not having the man power. They don’t get the award by seeing all of your faces and smiling, they are doing this in isolation hoping that it is serving the student body and that’s been a challenge.”

Even though students couldn’t actually be hands-on in helping out, it was their idea and hope that this event could bring some joy to the community. “So the ASB wanted to put something together to bring some fun back because, we don’t have a whole lot of school fun and any connection activities and just even seeing people face to face with some of their teachers and so they just wanted to create something of community and create some fun that we have been lacking and just spread the North Creek spirit,” said Bosch.

North Creek staff spread holiday cheer by handing out warm cocoa. Students also received plushies and candy canes.

Bosch and ASB intended for the contributions to the foodbank to send a positive message to the North Creek community. “I just hope that students and families see that we really care about our community, we care about our students and even though we can’t be with you in person, we hope that you understand that we love you and we miss you,” said Spanish teacher Hannah Bellinger.

In spite of social distancing as a result of a pandemic, North Creek High School is still creating traditions, there was the recent Halloween Drive-Thru, Drive-thrus only for seniors, along with whatever else ASB has in store. There is some thought on whether this could be an every year tradition even when students are back in classes. “So we had our Halloween Drive-Thru and we had about 400 total people, we have definitely surpassed. This one seems like a really fun one to have and just create that tradition because we are still new and trying to create our traditions so I will bring it up to ASB,” said Bosch.