Wyatt Higgins

Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.
Don't brag about your gold bugatti. You're just wasting peoples time
We don't care that you're going to IHOP! (tmi). Don't tell me what I don't need to know.
Nobody cares what you're doing throughout the day. We have lives too.
Some stuff is personal. You don't have to share your whole life.
You're fine without attention. Nobody needs to take THEIR time to show you attention.
Stop complaining please. Whiny babies aren't fun.
Nobody should have saw that, so curate your photos. Don't post if you wouldn't want your parents to see it.
Make sure you're private. We don't need people to be stalking you.
Use your brain post smart. Don't post something that can hurt somebodies feelings.


Created with images by Lindy Buckley - "msg"

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