Prove it to the Aliens By amelia macdonald

Hello Aliens! I am here to prove to you today that electromagnetism and gravity do exist! Although you have never seen or felt these forces before, here are a few simple ways that you can! Now come along, and I can show you that we aren't fooling you!

Electromagnet Lab

Electromagnetism is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, "magnetism developed by a current of electricity". Electromagnetism is carried around inside of atoms.

Below, I have pictures and evidence from my electromagnet lab. The goal of this lab was to try and make as many electric currents as possible from the battery, nail, and copper wire setup. We found out the bigger the battery, the stronger the currents and more paperclips would be picked up.

Pictured above is my electromagnet with the smallest battery (AA). As you can tell, not many paperclips were picked up.
Pictured above is my electromagnet with the medium sized battery on (D). This was the biggest battery I tried, and there were many more paperclips picked up with it than with the smaller one.

I actually felt the pull of the paperclips towards the electromagnet! Also, as you can see from these pictures, the paperclips are attached! But, in order for them to be like that, the copper wire and nail didn't necessarily have to be touching the paperclips! Look:

The reason these electromagnets pick up these paperclips are because of the simple diagram below.

Here is a diagram of what occurs to my magnet when attached to the battery. Through one copper wire a current goes in, and through the other one, the current is shot out. This creates a magnetic force within the copper wire, which transfers it to the nail, and finally results in picking up the paperclips.

Gravity Lab

Gravity is described by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, "a force of attraction that tends to draw particles or bodies together" and "the attraction of bodies by the force of gravity toward the center of the earth".

Below I have photos, videos, and other evidence of my gravity lab. The goal of this lab was to show that Einstein's theory of gravity does exist. Einstein believed that if there was nothing, no planets in the solar system, no mass or matter, nothing, there would be an unbent piece of fabric. But since this isn't true, and there are planets and objects that take up mass and matter, this fabric is bent. This lab was done to show that everything bends this fabric, and also to show that as the fabric is bent, we are pulled with gravity to whatever has bent this fabric the most,in this case, the earth.

The earth and moon's bend in the "fabric".
Here is the lab, with one block representing the moon's bend in the "fabric" and the three blocks representing the earth's bend in the "fabric".

This video shows that many objects are pulled to the mass with a bigger bend in the "fabric" rather than the mass with less bend. As you can tell, the fabric almost pushed the marbles towards the earth. Also, none of these objects had to be magnets and didn't have to be touching to show the representation of gravity.


There are many similarities between the electromagnet and gravity lab. As you could tell, it is almost as if the paperclips were trying to get back to earth just as the marbles were! Also, nothing had to be touching in order for the paperclips or marbles to return back to where they had to be.

But, not only are there similarities, there are also differences. In one lab (electromagnet), magnets were used which may have aided the results for that lab in the end.

Altogether, I think gravity is definitely a stronger force. There was always the same outcome no matter how many trials I tried out. But, with the electromagnet lab, tons of paperclips weren't always picked up. Therefore, gravity is stronger and electromagnetism is weaker, in my eyes.


Thank you aliens for making this trip to earth in order to learn about our laws of physics! We hope you understood them and also hope we can learn more about yours😏!!


“Merriam-Webster.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster,

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