Our students in action (prior to March 2020)

Hello and welcome to the online exhibition space for Level 2 and Level 3 Creative Digital Media Production. Below you will find a range of work produced by our 2019/20 cohort. - Level 2, Level 3 Year 1 and Level 3 Year 2.

Trips and visits (photos from before March 2020)

Every one of our students has worked incredibly hard this year, in exceptional circumstances. All groups have managed to maintain excellent levels of enthusiasm, whilst creating a wide range of creative, engaging and entertaining pieces that have far outweighed staff expectations. We are immensely proud of what what has been achieved this year.


Level 2 Extended Certificate Creative Digital Media Production

Level 2 photography project - exposure, aperture and depth of field experiments

Level 3 Year 1 Foundation Diploma Creative Digital Media Production

Level 3 Year 2 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production