Social Media Safety Paige Fisher

Cyber bullying is a big problem all over. If it's online and hateful it's cyber bullying, even hateful messages over text it's still considered cyber bullying. Most people think it's okay to make whatever comment they want and it won't have an affect on the people it's towards. In reality it's not so simple people do take offense to what's being said and sometimes it really hurts them. There have been multiple kids online have killed themselves because it started as cyber bullying then progresses to bullying in real life then the next day they're gone. It's sad how many kids die because of cyber bullying.

To think that 4,400 young people try to kill themselves because of something people call a small deal. People don't realize how much it might to affect the person on the other side. What also needs to be taken into consideration is not everyone has a good home life. You never know what's going on the other side of that door. They may be abused mentally or physically and don't need anymore trouble. Something you could do is talk to you're kids and make sure they are comfortable talking to you otherwise they will try to hide it. They may feel the need to deal with stuff on their own to try to become more independent. That's when you should encourage them to open up a little bit and make sure they know they can ask for comfort and reassurance.

To think that only 10% of teens don't tell their parents if their being cyber bullied. That means that preteens 18 million and 19.35 million teens don't tell their parents if they get cyber bullied. If you are a parent be careful to make sure you're kids are being safe online but don't crowd over them and be over protective otherwise they will sneak it and make it worse. Instead confront them in a sensitive manner, kindly tell them to block the bully or to ignore them. Otherwise the problem might escalate to negative events. So in conclusion cyber bullying is a horrible new form of bullying that can lead to suicide in teens and preteens. Don't let your child be subject to this intolerable act and take action.


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