Verge music video is about following Nasty C 's career and giving people a glimpse of what his life is like.Through suggestive imagery the video shows us where he comes from,where he is now and where he is going.intro 00:17

Nasty C-the upcoming artist.
Where he is now
Where he sees himself in the near future.

The Video opens with Nasty C walking listening to music.This symbolizes his journey in this industry.As the song starts 00:17, he walks past a passage and innocent looking girls dressed in traditional attires appear.

Nasty C walking past a passage.
00:17.Girls dressed in traditional attire follow him.We Cut back and forth from him singing along to the music he is listening to and the girls following him, dancing subtly.Then we show a cut away of the neighborhood.
cut away of the neighborhood.

He looks at the girls before talking about haters (to show that he notices them) and keeps walking.He walks past a hater that looks like Dr Malinga holding an award and trying to get his attention through the fence.He stops to address the hater.

00:40.Dr Malinga Lookalike VS Nasty C.
00:40.Because of the beef between Dr Malinga and Nasty C,having a Dr Malinga look alike here will make the video trend,get it YouTube views and spark conversations.He walks away from the hater and we cut to him in a mansion with expensive cars.
01:15 We show the mansion he is trying to get his siblings in. He reminisces about putting shows in a taxi
01:40.Nasty C performing in a taxi and then we cut back to the Mansion and cars for the closing scene.
02:00Closing scene.He also gives people a tour of the mansion and shows off his cars.
we close with Nasty C Giving people a tour of the mansion.
Created By
Moribego Madubanya


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