Goals Project By : Julian wilkins English 2

Semester goal

  • In this semester i will , continue to doing all my assignments and turning each and every one in . I will completely study for all my up coming testes . By the end of the semester i will have all my goals accomplished .

English goal

I will improve my learning in Mrs.price class which i could do by turning in all my work and as well as studying for all my up coming testes also by reviewing for the up coming testes .This will improve my self esteem a lot by knowing i could do anything if i put my mind to it .

High school Goal

  • I will graduate out of high school with a advance diploma and as well have a scholarship for college for any in state . I will do this by studying every day for at least for 30 - 45 min junior year as well as senior year.

After High

One of the most quotes i admire is this quote " Don't reach Your goals shatter them"-Stephen Curry . This Quote means to me that don't just have a stander for your self go over and beyond , Saying this i will go to NAU and graduate with a master .

Persoanl growth

  • I will own my own house and have great credit when the time i'm 18. I will do this by use a limited credit card now when i'm 16 and pay it off whenever it s use . This would build up my credit so that when turning 18 i will be able to buy a house for a great price because i have great credit .


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