Losing My Cool is a memoir written by Thomas Chatterton Williams, published on April 29th, 2010. The memoir is an intellectual memoir that touched on the three things he loved while growing up; His parents, literature, and the intoxicating hip-hop culture that surrounded him.


Thomas chatterton Williams is a biracial man who was born in New Jersey in 1981. At such a young age, he adored his father's side of the family and wanted nothing but to fit in with the "black kids." He attended Georgetown University and earned a bachelors degree. He then proceeded to attend New York University and received his mater's degree from the cultural reporting and criticism program.

Segregation: When Williams parents met, segregation was still going on. Being that his mother is white and his father is black, people will always ask his mom why in the world is she dating a black guy, she would always ignore them.

The war of Poverty

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part of the book, Thomas was only in the 3rd grade. There was nothing he wanted more than to fit in with the "black people." One day while on his way to the barbershop, he saw a thin black woman holding a baby and smoking a cigarette, his eyes were fixed on the lady, to the point he would not stop staring at her and her baby. The lady saw that they was riding in a Mercedes Benz and she automatically assumed they were rich. She yelled at him and said "What the fuck are you staring at? you rich, white mfs in your murr cedes benzz, you think you can just come up here and watch us like you in a goddamn zoo?

In the second part of the book, Thomas is now a teenager and he wants to fit in more than anything. The main incident that took place in the second part of this book is when put he hands on his girlfriend at the time. However, by the time it was almost the end of graduation, he realized that that wasn't the life he wanted.

Quote : “Looking at her, at the fear and hurt in her eyes, the fear and hurt that I had put into her eyes, I no longer felt ice-cold. I wasn’t pimpin’. I felt nauseated. More than anything, I felt terribly sorry.”

Thomas is all grown up now and is attending Georgetown University. Growing up, he always believed that black people were always litt, loved hip hop, and you MUST know how to play basketball & dance. When he got to Georgetown, his perception of black people started to change. The most important thing that took place was when he went to Howard University homecoming weekend. That was the beginning of his change.

Quote: “Homecoming at Howard was a force of nature, not a sporting event. It was Freaknik, Carnival, NBA All-Star Weekend, the Puerto Rican Day Parade (minus the Puerto Ricans), Hot 97 Summer Jam, an ancient Incan mating ritual, and a mystic pilgrimage all rolled into one. It was an imaginary player’s wet dream come true.”

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