Enzo Ferrari the commandatore

Enzo Ferrari was born in 18th February 1898 in the small town of Modena Italy.He was born

The heart of Modena

to a manufacturer called Alfredo Ferrari and grew up in Modena without any formal.He had a passion for race cars and race car driving since a very early age in his life and decided that he wanted to be a racing driver at the tender age of 10, when his father took him to see the 1908 Circuit di Bologna. He went to many other race car competitions after this and these competitions left a very strong impression on his mind


education. ... During the WWI in 1916, both his father and brother died due to the outbreak of the Italian flu.Around the same time he was called to join the war and was assigned to the Third Alpine Regiment, Val Seriana. He contracted the 1918 flu pandemic, which led to his discharge during the end of the war.


The prancing horse emblem was created when Italian fighter pilot Francesco Baracca was shot down during World War I. Baracca gave Enzo Ferrari a necklace with the prancing horse on it prior to takeoff. Baracca was tragically shot down and killed. In memory of his death, Enzo Ferrari used the prancing horse to create the emblem that would become the world famous Ferrari shield. However the world first saw this emblem on an Alfa Romeo as Ferrari was still tied up with Alfa Romeo. It was not until 1947 that the shield was first seen on a Ferrari. This was the birth of Ferrari

the first ferrari

The Scuderia Ferrari builds the Alfa Romeo 158 "Alfetta" which goes on to dominate the international racing scene.The Scuderia Ferrari is wound up at the end of 1937 and at the beginning of 1938 Enzo Ferrari takes up his new position as head of Alfa Corse and moves to Milan

Enzo’s beloved son, Alfredo, or Dino as he was better known, dies of muscular dystrophy. Ferrari had kept his son involved in the design of a new 1500 cc V6 until the very end of his life. The engine finally debuts 10 months after Dino’s death. However, it and all Ferrari V6 engines are named in his honour.

The F40, the last car to be created under Enzo Ferrari’s management, is unveiled.1988 The University of Modena confers Ferrari with an Honorary Degree in Physics.Enzo Ferrari passes away at the age of 90 on August 14th.

After Enzo died the ferrari company created a new car called Enzo Ferarri the picture below is the car.

I Have used the following sourse

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To complete the project I needed to retrive and collate info from sources and to show good understanding of a wide range of texts.


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