Right Angles Pleasure in simplicity

As a child I found that most other little boys wanted to be a police officer or a fire fighter. I though wanted to be an architect after being exposed to a book of photos showing some of Frank Lloyd Wrights best work.

I later on in high school took some tech classed to learn how to hand draft and fell in live with what I see as the most beautiful art there is. Sadly I stopped this path after I was introduced to the CAD program and see this as watered down art for the weak.

I think the future of the web is unknown, I think in the past it was something that was predictable maybe to the futurists. Going forward I think it's going to have a life of its own truly being molded by the demand of the people that is forever changing. This can be proven with social media and how it changed with the web look like. I personally would like to see it become a lot more secure but if it grows and involves that will become increasingly difficult I believe. As for what the web will look like, I don't think that the traditional web will be in existence in the future and I believe as it increasingly becomes more entrenched into everything that we do it will become a part of who we are physically and that it is possible the web will become the consciousness of its own self aware. Stepping out of the box and looking at how we access the web even on some of the most advanced machines like an Apple computer looks very primitive when you compare it to what is possible and what we are on the verge of. I think the evolution of the hardware that we use will become transparent, extremely mobile and at some point will become integrated into our bodies. I would've never of thought about integrative hardware until I read a book called feed, A futuristic look at what could be in our future with they pretty much negative outlook with the Internet in the web constantly streaming in our brains reading her thoughts and causing many physical ailments. After reading this book I wish that we could digress back to Victorian times before the Industrial Revolution but then I think again at all the beauty in the good that came from innovation and technology. Anyways I believe the iPhones and sell phones are going to become see-through glass and touch sensitive as well as voice operated and as Bill Gates has in his home and some of the wealthier community as well, the technology will control everything. I think desk tops will just become stickers on the wall and keyboards will just be holograms. As for design, it is important and everything that we do when it relates to interaction with a device or with each other. When I was pursuing interior design it became extremely apparent just how important you listen to the details and focus the design on what is appealing to the consumer. And as the years have pasted I've seen I am much more drawn to the simplistic design of Apple products over the designs of others. As I like mono tone simple design there are many people out there that like very vibrant and exciting complex design design. I believe that design will be The most important part of the Web in the future. Because it is the single factor that draws people in, we eat with our eyes just as we consume products with our eyes. Unless the computer language evolves dramatically there's not much more that can be discovered and changed. Although I believe that design will become automated in the near future I still believe that it is an important part of the web and that I want to be a part of it.


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