2017 Final Yearbook Portfolio Abby Laverriere

Looking at each of these pages I did over the year bring me back to when I was working on them. With every page I always thought about who would be looking at it, and how they'd feel. Overall, that was what kept me working on pages, even if it meant going back to them repeatedly. Then, it gets me thinking about all the times I stressfully (or occasionally in a relaxed manor), walked into the computer lab. It's crazy to me that freshman year was three years ago...I wanted so badly to work on the yearbook and see the yearbook when the freshmen honors English class helped to bring in the boxes. I am so happy to have contributed to the past three yearbooks.

Taking photos has always been my favorite part of yearbook. There is nothing (nothing!) like capturing an amazing reaction, facial expression, or special moment. At photo assignments I would always know when a good or great photo was taken, and then I'd smile to myself hoping that the people in the photo would get to see it in the yearbook. This is a little creepy, but when behind a camera and capturing all these important moments, it lets you into what is going through the heads of those in the photo; it allows you to learn about people, in a sense. Also, it is funny yet satisfying to see a picture posted on Instagram or Twitter of a photo from the yearbook that you know you took.

Well, this is my movie poster project. Enjoy my dog :)

Okay, here is the real movie poster project...First of all, I have no idea who these guys are. I originally had plans to have the Bilsky brothers pose with their trombone and trumpet, but eventually it fell through and I realized I just needed to get my picture. So, it actually took about 10 seconds...I went to the band room, saw two guys practicing guitar in the hall, explained the project, and they were so excited to pose for it! I based this off of La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, which I'd give a 7/10. I overall think it does a pretty decent representation of the original movie cover, although the most difficult part was that the ground the people pose on was clearly three-dimensional. In mine, the confusing part was configuring the ground to make it look like a three-dimensional sidewalk, on top of a hill, overlooking LA. It ended up looking horrible when I tried to make it like that as best I could, so instead, the top half of my cover looks closely identical, then the bottom half looks somewhat related to a 10-year-old playing with Photoshop...

This is my theme project for this year. It's very clearly inspired by personal preference, not a legitimate yearbook focus point, however I took this project as an opportunity to reflect and enjoy the memories I have from one of the most (quite possibly, the most), influential experiences throughout my entire high school career. As I developed this theme project, I looked back at all the moments I share with each of my teammates. I realized just how much I love and appreciate this past cross country season in all ways possible. I also thought about what my life would be like without having run in high school...so weird...I won't even get into it. Anyway, this theme I found before I centered it around my team. I played around with a lot of different ideas, but this is the one that stuck. My favorite part of yearbook is the pictures, and along with this theme of "Unforgettable" and reflection, I included a lot of visual memories. If I had more time I would figure out a more creative cover...I wanted to keep it simple yet have a lot of meaning to it, but it still didn't come out as great as I envisioned. In all, I found this project to be a positive reflection, an embrace of the "smile because it happened" cliche, and really enjoyed it.

Dear Mrs. Pendergrass,

First I'd like to say thank you again for everything you've done for me throughout high school. I don't mean to get sappy, but without your influence and being in your classes, I wouldn't be where I am now. I am so fortunate to have had a teacher and mentor as knowledgable, personable, insightful, fun, and (sorry) badass as you.

I grew up loving everything about yearbooks, and especially loved looking at all of Tom's high school ones. When I first joined yearbook my sophomore year, it was so much more than I expected, which was a little scary, but even more thrilling. I honestly don't really know what I was anticipating when I first joined the class, but I knew that something remarkable would come out of it in the end. From learning Photoshop to taking photos, interviews to layout design, writing captions to deadline nights, nothing beats the feeling of holding the book when it first comes in.

I loved certain elements of yearbook like taking photos and designing layouts. Although I must say, the elements I loved most about yearbook were not pinpointed skills, but were the ability to be creative, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and collaboration with others to develop an amazing book. Those three main discoveries from yearbook actually made me consider going into graphic design for a little while, fun fact. Perhaps I'll take a class similar in college as an elective :)

Like most things in life, there were some parts of yearbook I didn't enjoy as much, but I don't want to focus on that. However, yearbook has been my only elective all through high school, and I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to take part in it! It has always been so great to come into the computer lab and focus on something a little less like math, and a little more like art. And, what's even better is knowing that it is a part of BHS history and something people will always look back on.

Overall, being in yearbook has made such a positive impact on my life, and it wouldn't be nearly as great without you!

Talk to you later,

Abby Laverriere

P.S. I will try my best not to convince Grace to tell me next year's theme...

"You'll join the high fliers who fly to high heights" -Dr. Seuss in Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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