Seguro Island by Kayleigh Power & Hannah Copeland

Our island is provided with the motto of, Safe and Sound. It is this because we want a good society where everyone can feel safe, and be happy.
Our purpose of this island and community is to feel safe.
We have many rules on this island, but we still want everyone to enjoy there time. The rules are, 1, no bullying or gossip, brings self esteem down, 2, everyone exercise and eats healthy to prevent unhealthy people. 3, everyone gets a phone/electronic at age 12. 4, when you have an electronic on can be on it for at least 5 hours a day total. 5, everyone has same amount of money to shop. 6, everyone has the same day frame. 7, everyone has to help gather food and plant food. 8, men and women can hunt. 9, younger kids gather fruits and vegetables.10, everyone will receive the same amount of food and money when their job is done.
Seguro island is located just off the coast of Figi. Our villagers love the ocean and respect the land.
Here on Seguro island, everyone has the same daily schedule. 9:00 am - wake up 9:15 - eat breakfast with family 9:30 - go to school/work 1:30 pm - come home 2:00 - everyone gathers food from island 4:00 - cool off by swimming in ocean 5:00-9:30 - free time 10:00 pm - lights out
Our government is a monarchy. We have one king and queen, and are chosen through their children. Our king and queen live among the people and are treated equal. They serve everyone and make important decisions. Other than that, they are regular people who put everyone before themselves.
Come relax on our beautiful beaches where you can feel safe. Everyone is treated equal and no judgement is aloud.
This is our logo. The word safe in Chinese shows everyone can feel safe and respected with no conflict. The word Seguro comes from the Spanish language also saying safe.


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