Access to food: a matter of justice By: Hanna O'Leary

The title of the article I wrote about is, "Every person has a human right to food." The author of the article is Francine Dempsey.

The lead that Francine Dempsey used is, "America needs a comprehensive national strategy to end hunger, a strategy based on the fundamental human right to food." The type of lead the author used was a summary lead.

My lead is that the right to nourishment and meals is an indispensable right for all human beings. Food is an essential element without which human beings cannot survive. The type of lead I used was also a summary lead.

This affects the whole population of the world. The con of having no food is starvation and many other deadly illnesses.

The point is for everyone to have the right to adequate food. Everyone deserves to be able to eat no matter their conditions.

This affects every location on Earth. Many place across the world do not have any access to food.

This right affects us at all times. This is because we should always have access to food and are not as fortunate as us.

This is important because it is a human right protecting the right for people to feed themselves, have food be available to them, and meet the individual's dietary needs.

We can keep this right in place by having safe and affordable food that can be accessed to all people. Examples are that we can educate on every person's right to food, make sure that living minimum wage or social assistance programs assist people to meet the cost of nutritious foods, and still be able to pay for housing, health care, and education.

Francine's concluding statement is, "Nothing urges this dream in America more than the growth of the ignored underclass and the crisis situation of income inequality and food insecurity."

My concluding statement is that the right to adequate food is realized when every person, has the physical and economic access at all times to be able to get food. All people should be able to have this right at any time in their life.


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