Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 72x72 in.

This painting done by hockney in 1966, was painted on 72x72 in. canvas with acrylic paints.

This painting was chosen for the 'retrospective of reflection' exhibition because of its focus around the pool, the shapes and reflection.. In this image, you see Hockneys friend, Nick Wilder. He is stanging in the pool facing the painter. Hockney used acrylic paints in blues and sandy tones, it is easy on the eye and a mixture of 2D and 3D. The first thing im drawn to is the tranquility of the blue water, the way it is painted shows the ripples and depth of the water." Portrait of Nick Wilder" is a beautiful piece that shows that the movement of water can be captured in a simple painting.

Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool, 1966, acrylic on canvas, 84x84 in

I have chosen this painting "Peter getting out of Nicks pool" for this exhibition due to its simple nature and colours. In this artwork, you see Peter pulling himself out of a pool, the sun is postitioned behind him creating a shadow. the simple lines in the water still manage to show movement and reflection. The slight ifference in the blue of the water at certain spots show depth and character, also the reflection of the mans legs. "Peter getting out of Nicks pool" is a fantastic example of the human figure and shaddows in the water, hence why it is perfect for the exhibition.

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas, 84x120 in.

I chose " Portrait of an artist(with two figure)" because it shows not only the human figure under the water, but also human shadows and detail. In this painting, it shows two figures, one under the water, and one out of the water. Acrylic paint has been used to make this artwork, i was been uses o make he painting in a very realistic style, unlike some of Hockney's others. This artwork has been chosen for this exhibition because of its vibrant colours and realism.

Schwimmbad Mitternacht (Paper Pool 11), 1978 colored and pressed paper pulp, 72x85 1/2 in.

i have chosen "schwimmbad mitternacht for this exhibition because of the elements shown and the focus on water. In this artwork we see a swimming pool made out of coloured and pressed paper pulp. It is simple, yet you can clearly tell what the image is. This is has been chosen for the exhibition because it is made of a different midium to the other works.

A Large Diver (Paper Pool 27), 1978 colored and pressed paper pulp, 72x171 in.

"a large diver" was chosen for this exhibit, it is made from pressed paper pulp and is a series of different paintings. Hockney has used his signiture colour scheme for this piece, the blues and the sandy colours. This piece was picked due to it showing the human form underwater, with the amount of distortion, you can still tell it is a person. "a large diver" is a fantastic example of hockneys human form under the water.

Study of Water in a Pool, 1966 pencil and colored pencil on paper, 17 x 14 in.

The sketch "study of water in a pool" has been chosen because it is simple yet beautiful, strange yet obvious. It is clear that ther sketch is of water in a pool, and it was chosen because it is beautiful yet simple. the work "study of water in a pool" was chosen because it was one of Hockneys first water pieces, hence why it is here.


david hockney

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