The Seven Seas By:Lavinia nash

Saltwater: Dont Drink It! Salt water is not somehing to drink but a accidently mouthful here or there will not kill you. But if you drink it thinking that it will hydrate you then you are sorely wrong. 97% of the worlds water is filled with salt so there are not that many choices of things to drink but thankfully there are plenty of fresh water sources to satify the needs of the people. The reason sea water is so bad for is because of all the salt. When someone takes in a big amount of salt water the body has to get rid of the watse some how. Because the salt got in the body it starts to suck up some of the excess water. As you dispell of the watse there isnt enough water so your cells get the water they nee sucked ut of them. Salt water just makes your body more dyhydrated than before.

Why the Oceans are important to life on earth!

The oceans produce half the worlds oxygen in the atmosphere and absord most of the carbon fromit as well. Also half the worlds human population lives near coastal places and that is how they get most of their food and money. The oceans also help distribute the heat from the sun to places all over the world. They are extremely important in determaning the climate of the continents.

How are ocean currents are related to the climate?

The currents in the ocean act like a type of conveyer belt that transports warm water and precipitation from the equator and shoots it toward the ends of the earth. Or the north and south pole. Becasue the warm water is down in the poles the currents suck up the cold water a bring it back to the equator. It is an endless cycle.

Becaus of the way the currents move the water around the ocean helps contral global climate. It helps counteract the uneven distribuatation of solar radiation reaching the earths surface.

Zones of the Ocean

The brightest zone of the ocean is called the Sunlit zone. It gets the most sunlight out of the five. All the sun makes plants plentiful through out it. Common animals inlude sea turtles, sea lions, seals and sharks.

The Next zone is called the twilight zone. Its called twilight becauseit gets some sunlight but it is still a murky dark place. No plants dare grow in this regoion of the ocean. The animals that roam this region include squid, jellyfish and octopuses.

The next zone down is the midnight zone. It gets its name because no light reaches this depth. Again no plants live here because of the loss of light. A few of the animals down here dont have eyes for they have no need of them. Some familiar haunts of this zone are the anglerfish, snipe eel, and tripod fish!

The next zone is so far down you could compare it to the abyss of space. Its name is Abyss. the name abyss is often used to escribe the deep sea in general. This zone is from 13,100 feet below the surface to around 19,700 feet. Many of the creatures living down in the darkness lack a back bone to support them. Such animals include the sea spider, blind shrimp, and hagfish. The reason for the missing back bone is the extreme pressure that would most likely crush a humans bones.

The last zone but not the least. The Hadal zone. The terrifying depths pf this zone are usaully found in canyons and treches underneath the ocean floor. The temeperature remains barely aboving freezing but a few life forms find a way to live down there. One of them is including the sea cucumber. Which is actually not a plant even though many people do make that mistake.

Pressure, Temperature, and Ocean Depth.

The temperature of the ocean defiently decreases as it goes deeper. For example the Hadal zone. Its water temperature reamins just above freezing but the sunlit zone has much warmer water due to the amount of sulight it has.

As for pressure it increases as the depth increases. This pressure is due to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, the force per unit area exerted by a liquid on an object. Many animals in the ocean can with stand this pressure because of the way their bodies are made up. Us humans are somewhat more delicate in that matter.


The ocean is considered a treasure chest to many people. It is so great to these people because it gives them food and resources like driftwood. The ocean is mined for minerals. Some common ones are, copper, salt and gravel. Also the ocean gets mined for oil. Oil is a really big industry right now so it is get mined out of the oceans at s huge rate. Fish is also a huge resource from the oceans. The fishing business has been going on for thousands of years. Foods that we get are fish, seaweed, which might sound weird but it is actually frequently eaten in big coastal places around the world. Also a variety of shellfish are eaten all over the globe.


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