Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorial

make a ball of your colour choice
flatten a bit then shape with your finger
flatten the upper part
you should have a similar shape
now make the eyes
roll a little black ball and shape it in triangle
put the nose
2 white balls for the eyes
then black
add tiny details
use a smaller ball tool to make the mouth
add colour
make 2 thin snakes of black
and tinier snakes for the lashes if you want to make a girl :)
roll a big snake of your chosen colour
shape into teardrops
with blush or pastel, add colour
attach the ears
if you want add a little colour on the cheeks
Now make the body parts
if you want make the fur with the needle
add wire and bake and bond
et voilà!
Make your own! :)
Created By
Frédérique Pittet

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