K Lynn Smith Former uncaged student

Stockbridge High School Yearbook
Smith as a successful artist & author

K Lynn Smith is a former student at Stockbridge High School. She took part in the Uncaged journalism class all through her high school years. She used the knowledge she had from this class to make her own career.

The artist did mostly writing and editing during her time in the class which benefited her in the long run.

"Being in an atmosphere where you're working with a lot of people, having to hit that deadline was really helpful later in life, having to work for a goal."

Smith began her comic book career in 2011, but began freelance work in 2012. Originally going to Grand Valley State University for graphic design, she then switched to major in animation.

Photos by K Lynn Smith
Plume is now read in over 70 countries, translated in 3 languages and gets around 30,000 unique visitors a month.

Words of advice from K Lynn Smith

It's an uphill battle, it is not an overnight thing. Get yourself out there; talk to as many people as you can. Networking is a huge thing in the creative field.
Just keep going. It seems like you're not getting any traction at all, but you are. It's a gradual thing.

Overview on Uncaged

It seems like just a class, but it really will pave the way for how you operate later in life. It's a great opportunity, great class. Stick with it. It's a good thing.
Photos by K Lynn Smith


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