Snowy owls By:Mark

The snow owls eats mouse like creatures and lemmings rabbits other birds and some fish.They spot their prey and swoop down and get it with its claws and eats em.

They are found in western Aleutians in Alaska to northeastern.They also live in northern Canada.The snow owls also live in the north of the United States.

Sometimes if there is not enough prey around to feed baby owls.The adult owls won’t lay any eggs at all until the supply of food improves!!They lay up to 3 to 11 eggs most of the time it depends on the food.

Their length 20to27 inches the wing span is 4 to 5 feet.Their weight is 4pounds.The males are smaller than female.The oldest snowy owl living in the wild was recorded to be 9 years and 5 months.The snow owls are special because they are diurnal.

Special facts. . Like I already told you they lay eggs 3 to 11 depending on the food.

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