Intro to Art Final By Camden Horelick

I "C" LINES -made with paper
"Santonio" -made with wire and wood
"Drip Drop" -made with canvas and paper
"Spinning Pyramid" -made with oil on canvas
"Bienvenidos a Poccия" -made with paper

My emphasis is in the top left on the sign that says "Bienvenidos a Poccия." The emphasis is shown because it is colored green while the rest of the drawing is shades of gray.

The most obvious element of design on my paper is line. Line is used to make the buildings, signs, and everything else. Color is also used as I colored my point of emphasis green and left the rest of the drawing gray. Another element of design in my piece is space. The buildings appear to be spaced out because of the used of depth.

This sculpture is The Holocaust. The work consists of many lifesize people, therefore it is hard to give the sculpture a specific size. It can be found in New York City in the Jewish Museum.
The emphasis of the sculpture is the man standing by himself. I especially think that the man's face is a point of emphasis as the sadness is clearly depicted from his expression.
One of the clearest elements of design is form. The dead bodies that lay in the background fall on top of each other in a realistic form. Space is also shown as the only things in the piece are the sick bodies and the fence. This symbolizes that their lives were nothing more than death and imprisonment. The lack of color shows that sadness and depression of the piece.
This sculpture makes me very sad. My great-grandparents left Lithuania a few years before the Nazis took over and began persecuting Jews. Their friends and family had to go through this unimaginable pain, and it's hard to believe that they could've been victims also.

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