W/C 6th march 2017 Final Major Project

08/03/17- week 1

I am deciding to work with Ben to create a 2D sidescroller game that revolves around a player switching between foreground and background. Currently working on the draft for the proposal which needs to be handed in and finished for Wednesday the 15th – also looking into some character and environment concepts which could help when I come to designing a character or making an environment. we are currently brain storming ideas on spider scribe to help us get a basic idea of what were doing.

I have concerns about working in a group with ben, only because I personally don't like sharing work, but I'm in a group with him because we both share the same interest and hopefully because we can make a good demo, If later on I feel that he isn't pulling his weight then ill talk to him about it if we have meetings on our FMP.

Basic Idea for Final Major Project (FMP)

We're working in groups we only need one presentation to work on, this has helped now I can limit my time to other work, now I have started to go through the presentation template and write up my Final major project (FMP) idea. While I’m typing up the presentation I’m looking at character concepts and deciding the main theme for our FMP, currently added stuff to the presentation that can help me and Ben talk more about our game.

Currently getting some images off the internet to help explain what kind of game mechanics we want in our game. I want to improve my work by revising what me and Ben are going to say, we have gone trough a few iterations of the presentation and we are trying to decide what we should say and what order, at the moment the presentation is still in its draft form.

The presentation we are presenting

only a few days before presenting our game proposal and I’m still putting the presentation together, we are both working on it, Also looking up concept art and starting to create a board on Pinterest, the board has images on concept art, graphics, textures and environment; while I am focusing on this I am hoping that ben is also researching about the unreal engine or over software that we could use in our FMP. nothing at the moment to be concerned about just hoping that we get all the work done, and making sure that we don't fall behind, this is why we made a week list on the FMP proposal brief. Looking back on the week list I can hopefully finish all the work up to date.

Mood board created for inspiration.

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