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Are you a 5th year undergrad that is looking for an escape from the constant excitment on campus? Are you tired of constantly being the oldest student at everywhere you go? Is it overwhelming living in an apartment complex where there are always “kids” partying? Look no further…

I found love at the Bartram apartments, and I know you will to! The Bartram is a resort-like apartment complex catered to an “older” age group-mainly graduate students and doctors. While the Bartram is located right across the street from campus and right next to Shands Hospital, it allows you to have a break from “the constant excitement and traffic” on campus. Still not enough to convince you this is the perfect place to for privacy?

Coffee Bar (attached to conference/ study rooms)

We know that studying is important and Library West is intended for studying, but let’s be real…after four-years spent at UF, we all know it’s the social capitol of campus. Luckily, Bartram offers three study rooms and a conference room that gives you the peace you need to study….which I take advantage of almost every week. Have a group project? Bartram also has conference rooms that you can reserve, just like Library West!

Fitness Center

Staying active and in shape is really important to me especially for my mind and body when studying. Bartram's two-story fitness center is the perfect way to stay healthy and active. If you have a tough time working out alone, they offer numerous workout classes for all ages and body types. Speaking of keeping your mind sane, meditation is important for many people. The Meditation Garden is a quiet place in the complex that is a relaxing spot to go when you need some quiet time after a long day of studying. You can also request to have your apartment look over the garden.

Meditation Garden
Lap Pool

Bartram also has two pools! Yes, two! I personally love hanging at the "social pool" because there are grills and fire pits out there! I love cooking and it is super convenient that Bartram offers grills that have propane tanks. This saves you a lot of money and it is one of the only apartments that allows grills. On the weekends it’s a great spot to have your friends come hang out and enjoy a sunny Saturday. The other pool is an Olympic size lap pool that is a great spot for another form of fitness!

Social Pool

Let’s talk about parking! After spending one day in Gainesville you will learn that parking is extremely limited and towing and ticketing are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced here. My first month of school I was towed three times and had five parking tickets my first semester! That adds up really quick! Granted when you live at an apartment complex you typically have a spot to park, but that doesn’t come free! Spots range from $100-$200 a month! Let me repeat….$100 a month!!! That is $1,200 a year if you happen to end up with the lowest rate! And that doesn’t include guest parking! When you have family in town or friends come over to visit, there is no-where for them to park and it puts you in a tough position to invite anyone over. Bartram has six floors of enclosed parking garage! And best part- it is free! You can have as many guest’s as you’d like without worrying about them getting towed! They reserved an entire floor for guest parking. What a relief that was to me!

Dog Park

My absolute favorite part of the complex is the dog park. I’ve had a dog for three years now and she is very active so having a place to let her run around without a leash is so refreshing! Apartments can be a bit claustrophobic for dogs because there isn’t a back yard to let your dog run around so to be able to walk down stairs and let your dog run and play is so good for them. It’s also great because there is always a dog out there playing, so not only does she get exercise but she gets to socialize with other dogs.

I was so at ease when I found the Bartram. After spending four years of trying different apartments, I honestly could not be happier with what the Bartram has to offer. They are so on top of keeping the complex in pristine condition and whenever I have any maintenance issue, they immediately have someone come up and take care of the problem. One thing I was always disappointed with my other apartments was that I had to do the maintenance or I would have to schedule an appointment for someone to come help me. Now all I do is call and within the hour someone is there to help me. Knowing that every day I can come home to a peaceful, homey apartment with a park for my dog and relaxing areas to hangout gives me such a content feeling. I love that I never have to leave to go study or workout. This is the exact kind of place I had in mind when I found out I would be here for a fifth year...I'm just fortunate enough that it existed.

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