Feudalism By: Kyle Smith

What is feudalism?

Feudalism is the social system in medieval Europe were each class was relied on for either food, protection, or land.

What is a manor?

A manor is a unit of land where peasants gained from lords.

Who lived on a manor?

Peasants and servants, know as serfs, lived on the manor.

How is the feudal system interdependent?

Each class needed something from the other classes. Serfs needed protect from knights and land from lords. Knights needed food from the serfs and land from the lords. Also, lords needed protection from knights and food from serfs.

How does this system affect politics?

This affected politics because they had to give either land or protection to lower classes. Also, kings got paid to do nothing.

How does this system affect social structure?

This affected the social structure but mainly the serfs. They got very mad because they would lose almost all of their money. This probably caused a lot of people to just quit on life.

How did this system affect the economy?

This effected economy because the higher class you were, the more money you had. Only certain lords had more money because of the knights. The king got paid to basically do nothing except live a normal life.

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