What is Matter by: Michelle coulter

matter: that it has mass and takes up space.
element: made of only one kind of atom

elements:all atoms in a substance that have the same , that substance is an element

A Compound : substance which atoms 2-more elements are chemically combined, Pure Substance Can be destroyed by chemically bonded.
Mixture : material made up/ 2-more substance can be easily separated by physical means
homogeneous: blended evenly through out

solution:remain constantly and evenly mixed.

example salt water::: Teaspoonful of table salt stirred into a glass of water:Homogeneous mixture Air is a Homogeneous mixture of gasses

example:salt water h2o, ions : Sodium,Magnesium,Calcium,Potassium,Chlorine, Sulphate
Heterogeneous mixture :cannot be separated after they been mixed
solution: Liquid mixture.
Suspension: heterogeneous mixture solute like particles big enough eventually settle
colloid:if the particles too small every settle they are a colloid.


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