Personalized Learning And what it means to me :-)

Personalized learning doesn't mean everyone gets the same thing but everyone gets what they need to be successful.

Learning can be very frustrating to many children. It is because all of them learn at different paces, have different strengths, and different strengths that sometimes need to be pulled out.

We must highlight learning and help our students find where they fit into their own learning and our classrooms.

Books are not the only way students can learn, but they are definitely a tool that still needs to be used. I feel that each teacher needs an individual classroom that works for them and tools that work to maximize their students' learning.

We are all just scratching the surface and are "baby" learners with technology. There are so many resources and they definitely help each of us differentiate our own learning if the tools are used properly.

Love of learning is the hardest part and if we can help our students to love learning and not think of school as something they just need "to get by".

Students must feel like they can try and it is OK to fail because it is just the first step in figuring out what they need to do to be successful learners.

Created By
Nicole Extine


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