Peeking Through The Dark Clouds by Elizabeth Edwards

My Early evidence of my creative and fashionista life...starting selfie at a young age.

Hey I am Elizabeth Edwards lives in Toronto; Canada am just an average girl who grew up in a Military family. My dad is in the Canadian Armed Forces; I have been in Cadets for 8 years. I am Civilian Instructor for 2 years now to work my way to become an officer. My family is also very creative my dad uses to paint and put together model tanks, planes and jeeps. In around Kindergarten I was kid model for about a year or so doing ads for Zellers, Sears and The Bay. My personal interest is Music makes me at peace, favourite band right now is Bad Omens, I am huge nerd in to anime like Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon and Spirited Away. I am really into Video Games I like all sorts but really into Final Fantasy XV, Sims 4 and Pokémon.

Spirited Away - Hayao Miyazakis'

My artistic interest all started in high school my favourite thing to was just the concept of being hands on as well a rare opportunity such as print making, I am starting to like sculpting with clay and making masks and figures, I am getting into fashion and the idea of making clothes on a bit of tattoo. I really like trying art mediums students in everyday high schools don’t do, but also have this “if you mess this up you can’t go back” so I have to do your work with confidence and steadiness.

This is drypoint or simple form of etching the image on the left is the idea and planning process and on the right was the final product and the image has to be reversed just so you have the image on the
These are just practicing hands and feet trying to getting practice with my drawing skills.
The process work of my "Icon Painting" during my grade 12 Co-op class I went back to my old middle school and was teacher's assistant and I got an opportunity to teach a class of grade 7's and 8's I was able to introduce them into Icon paintings and they choice their ideal person was and this was just the step by steps on how I did it.
My first self portrait in highschool to current self portrait

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