princess bY Jay Cupp

Broken, beat, and bleeding of which she is because of everyone's lightening bolts striking her. Teased and bruised and cut down like a healthy tree until its burned. Sad and mad and disappointed but putting on a smile for the road ahead.

I was doubted in all I did,beaten in all I've does. A fighter to the fires that burn others. Plagued by the pain in my heart a world so hurtful someone would rather die than be who they are. It can all be taken away all the hopes,dreams, every little memory all of it.

It leaves you in the dark with nothing but red roaring through your veins and down your skin. It burns your breath. It cast a shadow of death upon your head as you walk a road you once put on a smile for.

Thinking leads to emotions coming from the dark dept of your inward mind. Death was bestowed upon the broken such as me a lonely little soul.

I met Ash a rain drop in my eye, a flame in her name, a burst of light so bright. A for lane for my pain to chain my brain.

I am that girl you know the one who walks alone the one with no body the one with tear stained cheeks and cuts the one with a broken smile for miles. I'm always that girl.

Ash is never that girl she is funny and smart and gorgeous she has friends and a bright smile for miles she is amazing and my first friend.

We drink tea under the green umbrella trees of my mind because why would someone so beautiful be with me a hopeless love. A waste of space. A sickly little dream.

. A porcelain,perfectly,pretty,positive person to bring out a passionate poet with plain paper to portray a painting of plaguing personality please pack my panic into a piece of pain pathetic pleads of past plans for potential peace of mind.

My ludicrous mind limp from lying about love couldn't hold onto my home in your hands. Kindness could kill kingdoms of queens quietly waiting for kings to come over to kiss them quickly and quit.

She was different no king to my queen she doesn't quit a race she runs quickly to kiss her queen and quietly build kingdoms of kindness for a crowd of caring people.

I was her queen she kissed me she was my king she was kind and caring and compassionate and cordial and convivial and she was mine.

I was hers I was her girlfriend an amazing beautiful person who is mine as i am hers.


As she liked to call me she makes me feel like a princess I'm happy actually happy with smiles and giggles and cuddles and joy she is a the shining shimmering light through the darkness of my own mind.

Ash is a world beyond the sea and I will walk to the ocean pier to fall into the sea for she but my counterpart comes after me in the night to terrorize my might spite is a state of mind blind grinded into a unkind signed fine. Pouring my power from my eyes puts pain in my brain I'm not insane just hurt in the place of peace.

Created By
Jay Cupp


Created with images by JulieFinestone - "Wharton State Forest, NJ"

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