CD Newsletter 12 April 2020

Newsletter 12th April 2020

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. Kia ora, Hello, Talofa, Mālō e lelei, Bula, Hola, Fakaalofa atu, As Salam Alaykom, こんにちは, Hallo, Hoy, હ લ ો, Hē leu, Mauri, न म त, Ola , Chum reap suor, Kumusta, Nihao, Xin chào.

Kia ora koutou te whānau

COVID 19 Update

We hope you are well and have adjusted to life inside your ‘bubble’. Term two official starts for Chapel Downs on Wednesday 15th April. We will be launching a new home learning website for your children from on ​Wednesday 15th April​. Ongoing communication with you will be via our school Facebook page, school website and emails.

The Ministry of Education will also provide:

- two Television channels - Home Learning TV from 9am-3pm weekdays on TVNZ2+1 and Sky Channel 502. Some lessons will also be available in TVNZ On Demand. These will aim to provide a range of lessons across all learning areas and ages

- some learning packages by post, that will contain some resources and activities (that can be done without the internet / devices - arrival dates are unknown)

​Skinny, Spark and Vodafone​ are offering cheaper than normal option for some homes. Please visit the internet provider websites for more information.

The first most important message is to not stress and to continue to enjoy your time with your children. Children learn from daily and practical experiences, and when life resumes to normal, and schools reopen, teachers can get your children’s more formal instructional learning and education back on track quickly. Wednesday is start of term two and the official holiday time has ended, it may help to create some new daily routines , and try to balance educational learning, alongside learning how to do practical household tasks, have fun, relax and keep physically active.

Stay Safe

Mr van

Ngā mihi nui

Vaughan van Rensburg

Tumuaki - Principal

Important Dates

  • APRIL 15 -TERM ONE Starts -Home Learning website launched

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Vaughan van Rensburg