MO(U)RNING in Minneapolis 05.30.20

I drove a loop this morning through Uptown, Longfellow, Powderhorn, Downtown, Loring Park, Whittier and Lyn-Lake neighborhoods.

Startling to happen upon remnants of fires still smoldering, buildings that are just a shell of their former selves, often not even taped off as hazardous sites. There must be too many all at once, I imagine, to get to them all and cordon them off. There are pockets of destruction scattered throughout the city. My first impulse was to cry. The devastation in some areas is unfathomable. But then in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood when I parked to walk around, there were so many people on the streets, showing up with shovels, brooms, heavy gloves, trash bags. In pairs, small groups, big groups, and alone. People are just showing up and cleaning whatever they see that needs cleaning.

“...until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

May there by justice for George Floyd. May his family feel the love of our community and our heartbrokenness at his senseless killing. May our community be able express in peaceful protest our outrage over Mr. Floyd's death. May the broken systems of oppression and inequality that need fixing once and for all, be fixed once and for all. Is that too much to hope for?

Morning becomes Mo(u)rNing

Update, 06.01.20. Originally, I called this story "Morning in Minneapolis." Yet, as I have received an outpouring of responses in the two days since I posted it, I feel a more appropriate title is "Mo(u)rning in Minneapolis." As a community, we are mourning. Even as we are outraged, saddened, bewildered. I took the words from every note that was left for me on Facebook, every comment posted on my website about this story, and every text and email I have received. I am speechless, but those of you who took time to write to me are not. Thank you for all your words, all your heartfelt sentiments. I put them into a word cloud with the help of wordart.com, and I offer them back to all of you with my enormous gratitude and thanks.

Photographs ©2020 Lucy Mathews Heegaard. All rights reserved.

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