FMP/week 4 a lot a work needs doing.

27th march

so when i got into collage me and harry discussed some issues that were apparent at the time from the fmp. we had just managed with the help of Jason to fix our movement so that the characters animation switches and now looks like its moving correctly now. what i learned from that mistake was that it wasn't the animation that was incorrect it was the camera that was messed up however it is fine now. however some functions for the fmp are not ready yet and also there are more mistakes that need to be fixed.

i continued to make functions all day, i tried to make function for ladders and the like. however for the Monday i wasn't very successful because most functions are still not completed and i need to work very fast in order to complete all of the work ready for the demo. also to add i worked on a home screen for the game and then gave it to harry to add shadows and other effects so we both worked on it too put at the start of the game.

picture of the wallpaper(not finished wallpaper)

29th march

today we needed to get more done so what we did was we worked on the wallpaper and some other assets for the demo at the start of the day, second lesson i worked on making a ladder function and surprisingly it didn't work however i learned to make text appear when near objects which is my books is a step in the right direction(even though i wanted a ladder) i also tried teleportation it kind of worked however in the end it just failed and the worst thing is i learned nothing from it so i wasted time on it. there was no last lesson so we just worked on re subs and journals today and that really all for today, when i get back home i'm going to work on more.

30th march

today i was meant to work on functions and the like however i couldn't because the computers need updating and the unreal engine is not working which is a huge issue because i wanted to work on it. so what i did was work on the journal and some other work for Adam and others. that the reality of today No unreal and just Photoshop so i hope we get a lot of tiles done.

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