Mrs. Chiarella


Snakes are really interesting creatures. They come in many different colors. Snakes eat rats, mice and other small creatures.


Created with images by mrbill - "Inside of Blue Kate Spade" • Hans - "basilisk rattlesnake rattlesnake snake" • Seattleye - "Grass Snake" • GlitterandFrills - "Green Snake" • sipa - "king snake snake banded" • Christoph - "snake zoo macro" • Kapa65 - "snake corn snake reptile" • Jeremyiah - "Snake" • blickpixel - "python snake green tree python" • WikiImages - "grass snake snake serpentes" • Hans - "tajinaste rojo blossom bloom" • born1945 - "Young Snake" • Uncle Muley - "Snake!!" • andyket - "Moving snake" • (: Rebecca-louise :) - "marwell45" • rihaij - "snake grass snake natter"

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