Mad cow diseases Wanted

Mad cow disease is a type of prion that when it becomes corrupted for some unknown reason a cattles cell can become infected with mad cow or bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Mad cow or BSE is mostly found in the brain and stem cell and it starts to eat away at the brain but it can be found throughout the body Evan the blood

It is mostly found in the brain and when a diseased prion meets a good prion the good one changes to match the misfolded one and will spread all over the brain fast it then destroys the brain by covering the cell membrain in a plaque that destroys the cell

only 4 people in the U.S have died from mad cow. there have been 188,652 cases of mad cow but only 229 cases in the humans but there have been 225 deaths worldwide in humans

If the infected meat is consumed by a human it causes the human form of mad cow that dose the same thing to cells and causes the same symptoms
Symptoms in cows can include mood changes, extreme aggression, abnormal posture, muscle twitching and reduced milk production

It happens when a cow comes in contact with flesh from another infected animal and the most common way for this to happen is when cows are fed the meat from another cow and the good prion becomes misfolded trying to match the new bad one

Currently there is no cure the only thing that can be done is to treat the symptoms

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