Examity - How to Register for an Online Proctored Exam Adobe Certification & Credential Management System

Lets get started!

1. You'll need an Adobe ID. Here's how to get one

2. Login to your Adobe Credential Manager account with your assigned Adobe ID.

3. Select Schedule/Modify Exam Appointment

4. From the exam scheduling page, click on “Examity - Proctored Exam (Online)” for your desired exam. You'll be taken to Examity to complete your registration

5. At the Examity Dashboard page, click "Schedule Exam"

Note: If this is your first time taking an exam with Examity, you will need to complete your profile. Click on “Profile” link and follow the instructions on screen. Once done, click on “Schedule Exam” tab.

6. At the Schedule Exam page, confirm you have the correct exam, and choose a date and time, and click Schedule. (Your time zone was set when you updated your profile; it appears in the top right corner of the website.)

Note: If you are scheduling your exam within 24 hours of taking it, make sure to switch on-demand scheduling to ON. A $5.00 fee will be charged for each test scheduled within 24 hours.

7. If you have a voucher code, enter it on the payment screen, select Apply and Click Next

Note: Billing information is required only if payment is necessary.

8. Enter your billing information and click Review your Order.

To exit, close your browser. Check your email for confirmation and receipt of your appointment.

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