Minutes 9/4/17 Secretary, Kara Donovan

  • Invocation by Senator Pate
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Tilley, Moskowitz, and Seymour were found absent

Presentation by Student Body Treasurer Connor McCormick

  • Overview of how funding board works
  • At funding board: 5 min presentation about what organization does, then 15 min to go over finances
  • Board evaluates: impact on Clemson, likelihood of success, accordance with academic & cultural values of Clemson, working towards being self-sustainable
  • Rules: fund max 65% of a budget, no food/alcohol/t-shirts, $60/night/hotel room, $0.35 for every mile (on your own car)
  • RR: what values do you think Clemson has?
  • CM: here to get a degree, make sure to be academically-focused; cultural values focus on inclusivity
  • CJ: expanding from Big 6 to Big 7?
  • CM: Yes that is happening to include military organizations as 7th member, focusing on military heritage and student veterans organizations
  • MH: speak to the process of how funding board interviews new members?
  • CM: active in reaching out to various organizations, wide variety of involvement within funding board, a problem-solving group
  • SP: how to become self-sustaining?
  • CM: how often are they coming in? Look into other avenues for funding
  • PG: sustainability standard applies to Big 6?
  • CM: funding board’s immediate job is to fund the Big 6 and all of their organizations, so not as much of a focus on being self-sustainable
  • PG: formal process to add to the Big 6?
  • CM: talk about bylaws, funding board aspect, etc, I'll be back in a few weeks to present on that
  • IK: can you apply for a refund?
  • CM: short answer, no, student organizations have to be proactive
  • IK: when do you ask for money for the summer?
  • CM: ideally by the last month of school, and then the rest can be done via email
  • AO: briefly explain what the Big 6 is?
  • CM: student activity fee has been created long before any of us, founded long ago- includes Student media, FSL, club sports, Tiger Paw Productions, CUSG, Clemson Live

Presentation by Associate Dean for General Education and Engagement

  • Dr. Bridget Trogden
  • 10th week at Clemson
  • Looking at components of the strategic plan
  • Interactive game (Bullseye)
  • Discussion on general education and its importance to being a well-rounded student
  • Many students find gen eds boring
  • Look at length of add/drop period, can’t get a good idea of what the class is like from just the syllabus
  • Many gen eds fill up really quickly so freshmen can’t always get in
  • Make coursework engaging with contemporary material
  • Lots of gen ed classes are huge lecture halls
  • Not all advisors were well-versed in gen ed curriculum
  • Lack of clear reasoning for why students are taking courses irrelevant to their major
  • More open-ended environment in gen eds
  • Talk about gen ed more specifically in orientation
Academic Affairs, Shreya Shankar
  • Meeting time moved -- Mondays at 6:00 in the offices
  • Summer Reading Committee Senator appointed - Tremain
  • Tremain is meeting up with military affairs committee to discuss earlier registration times for ROTC members
  • CUDIRS was approved $1000 for advertising and banner
  • Getting back to work with advising committee for Major/Minor fair this year, date to be early spring semester
  • Madison and Mar reaching out about printers in every residence hall.
  • Meeting with Deans of each College to discuss unified document of research and internships.
  • Discussing possibility of food trucks behind the library during finals week
  • Matt talking to registrar’s office and discussing with Dean Griffin about getting free transcripts for students
  • Contact info
  • Shreya Shankar
  • 843-260-4372
  • shanka2@clemson.edu
  • @shreyatheslaya
Athletics, Josh Hutchinson
  • Updates
  • Campus Rec Updates
  • Sauna and steam room will be open this week. Hours will be 5am-2pm and 6pm-Close
  • Looking to open up one/two basketball courts for volleyball, indoor soccer, and badminton during open rec times
  • Mat Room renovation to come soon—probably mid semester
  • Mat room will be made into a functional fitness space
  • Athletics Updates
  • Meeting with them this week to work on ticketing issues
  • We will be able to bring back waterfall signup (i.e. if a senior doesn’t get a ticket during senior slot, they can try again at later slots)
  • Be sure to check your ticket via email to see which gate you are suppose to enter the stadium in
  • Please let me know of all issues and complaints
  • Ticketing Tips
  • Use the following URL: www.clemsontigers/students
  • Register your CUID several hours before the ticketing window to make sure that you can login to your account
  • Make sure you do not have any holds on your account. The system will not let you get a ticket if you have holds on your account. Working to fix this but until then, make sure your account is clear of any holds.
  • Go into the ticketing portal right at the time it opens i.e. go in at 5pm if your window starts at 5pm
  • Avoid using mobile devices when getting your ticket. Especially apple mobile devices such as Iphones and Ipads
  • We are working very hard to perfect this system so please be patient
  • Projects
  • Ticketing policy tweaking
  • Campus Rec project management
  • Athletic updates
  • We beat Kent State 56-3 on Saturday and #2 was dropping dime pieces out there… Auburn you’re next
  • Contact Info
  • Josh Hutchinson | 803-727-3854 | jhutch4@g.clemson.edu
Campus Life, Jacob Livingston
  • Updates this Week
  • Off-Campus Housing Fair sign ups are live! If your housing company isn’t signed up, let me know!
  • Met with RHA President Gunnar Branham this week about future partnerships
  • Rachel and I are meeting with Dining this week about Multicultural Dining Hall Days (Sept. 26th)
  • TigerFlix Suggestion Form: https://goo.gl/forms/X8GPQIReYXAuHzL33 (for a point)
  • Just had my first PSL of the season. Happy fall y’all! | jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
Finance and Procedures, Miller Hoffman
  • Funding Board on Wednesday @ 6. LMK if you’re coming; we don’t want to overpack the room.
  • Bylaws Task Force moving along. Expect Elections amendments before the rest (time sensitive).
  • Come see me if you have change ideas.
  • Here’s my Committee’s individual project ideas. Link up with them if you want to collaborate.
  • Bryson: “Study Hours in the Valley” idea for spring, continuing to found Navy ROTC here.
  • Parker: wants to plan an event for CUSG to involve the study body, maybe like a coffee hour or something similar. Also is working with Christian on Vet’s Center
  • AJ: working with library staff to open Harcombe for new study places, working on transferring physical data to electronic backup
  • Christian: Bylaws Task Force, Vet’s Center space
  • B: meeting with Comm department to explore Comm credit for tour guides
  • Samuel: looking into debate event between professors, grad and undergrad students
  • As always, hmu with questions/concerns mhoffm5@g.clemson.edu
Health and Human Services, Madison Gregoris
  • Updates:
  • Meeting Friday with Dr. Miller and Dr. Lee Gill was rescheduled
  • Meeting with Killian and Perrin this week to start talking about a Reclaim Old Main initiative
  • Tampon/Pad donation drive coming soon
  • Partnership with Outreach to do a CADD week, meeting with Lauren Singleton on Monday 9/4
  • Reached out to George Clay
  • Condoms coming soon in the CUSG lobby
  • Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be on campus at Brooks on September 14th from 11AM-Noon. Tickets are available 1PM-5PM in the Brooks box office
  • Call me/beep me/if you wanna reach me | 315-559-2066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu, SC: @madisonj315
Transportation and Facilities, Patrick Gorospe
  • BikeShare research kicked off last week. Great seminar talk by Dr. Robert Hampshire on bike-sharing systems
  • Please send any CATbus or parking concerns my way! When you do, please provide a time/place as well as description of the situation so I can best advocate for you :-)
  • Committee Member Updates
  • Jessica Ruday - going to reimagine Safety Walk and see how it can most effectively promote safety and awareness on campus
  • Andrew O’Steen - reaching out to see how he can contribute to Student Chapel. Working with Lisa Uy to develop a bathroom quality form
  • Emily Anders - discovered the Whoosh mobile metered parking app. Developing a storyboard to re-imagine a parking pre-quiz experience
  • Monica Rozman - working with CUPD to explore the possibility of a school-wide active shooter training
  • Lisa Uy - working with Andrew on the bathroom quality form
  • #onTheProwl
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Dan (TBD)
  • Srgt. Young (9/5)
  • Todd Barnette (9/5)
  • Gary Gaulin (TBD)
  • Gerald Vander Mey (TBD)
  • Green Crescent Trail Steering (9/21)
  • HMU 803-371-0959 | pgorosp@clemson.edu | @heyitsmepatg (coffee, free food, friendship)
University Services, Mikey Summers
  • ITSAB Student Advisory Board
  • Food at Every Meeting
  • Allocate $500,000 to student projects every year
  • Advise CCIT on student concerns and opinions
  • Looking for 3 new members!
  • Food Summit
  • Assembling Leadership Team
  • If interested in Food Sustainability, Health and Wellness, or Food Politics and Cultural Impacts, contact Ashley Girvin (864)553-1274
  • Met with Ryan Real and Dustin Atkins
  • We The Tigers
  • Coordinating with Anderson (R&D), Taylor (Webmaster), and Freddie (Comm. Dir.)
Clerk, Jack Council
  • CUSG app
  • CUSG on-campus activities
  • If you ever have any questions or just wanna hang out, 704-488-3242 jcounci@g.clemson.edu, Snapchat/Insta: @jack_council
Secretary, Kara Donovan
  • Welcome new senators :)
  • Points
  • Funding board
  • T&F Facebook post
  • TigerFlix post
  • Let me know ideas for prizes!!
  • Attendance
  • Please let me know in advance or else it will be unexcused
  • OCHF is absence makeup
  • Meet the Senators
  • Contact Info
  • (410) 220-7220
  • donova3@g.clemson.edu
  • Insta: @kara710
  • Twitter: @kdon710
  • Snapchat: @karadonovan710
Pro Temp, Steven Patrick
  • Fall RetreatToGoForward
  • CHEGG Committee
  • Tigerama Ticket$
  • Mexican Food?
Vice President, Jaren Stewart
  • DACA
  • Hurricane Harvey Relief
Senate President, Leland Dunwoodie
  • Shoutouts
  • Hutch (MCAT)
  • Parker Tilley (engaging students)
  • Zach Pate and Anna Albert (Brooks Center)
  • New Senators (Derwin, Mason, and Arianna)
  • Updates
  • Senate Cookout Tues 9/12 6-8pm at UCentre
  • Luke 12:48
  • Steering Action Steps
  • Start a project and write it on the project list
  • Let me know how I can help
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie


  • JS: meeting Wed 2:30 at BGR with Outreach and TigerQuest
  • JH: let me know if you want to join campus rec committee
  • ZP: pushing CUSG to do more community service → boost town/gown relations, refugee camp in ATL
  • JR: fill out survey for mentor/mentee program (put link in minutes)
  • BS: go CUGA


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