Middle School @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

Arthurdale, WV

A 6th Grade game of "Tenzi"
Roll those dice!
Miriah receives her trophy for being an Awesome Author
Miriah prepares to read her story
Brently and friends
Never too old for Mr. Potato Head

November 18-22

Battleship as a review for coordinate planes
The beginning of the coordinate plane project
Battleship as a review for coordinate planes

October 28 - November 1

Playing with the Fun-Raiser Equipment
Working hard
Funny stuff
Victor bouncing around
Hadley and Franceska
Hanging with Aubrey
Miss Miriah does an outstanding job reading to our younger friends during indoor recess
Tucker taking constructive criticism and revising his poetry

October 21 - 25

October 7 - 11

Rhiannon shows of her fabulous skills
Grandparents seeing students prototypes!!
Working on wiring our solar panels!

September 30 - October 4

Subordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
Flipped Fishbowl Discussion
It’s the Shouting at the Rain Newlywed Game
How well do you remember the book?
Is it a match?

September 16-20

Learning how electrons fill the hole!
Starting on their prototypes

September 9 - 13

Comfortably working on the math test
Deep in thought during the math test
Creating a bond in deep dive with Mrs. Cassidy

Sept 3-6

Aug 26-30

Alpine Tower
Team Building!!

Aug 19-23

First day of fitness!!